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Stitchery, Needlepoint, Appliqué and PatchworkMAREIN Shirley

The Viking Press, A4, pěkný stav

Stitchery in all its forms has been in a period of change and regeneration for several years. The traditional arts of needlepoint, embroidery and patchwork are enjoying a popularity unknown for decades and are being adapted to uses hitherto undreamed of. Shirley Marein is fully conversant with all the latest trends in stitchery, and in her stimulating text, she explains in detail how to master the basic technique of these crafts, how to do your own designing, and how to adapt design forms to the uses and materials you have chosen for them. More than 200 drawings specially made for this book show how to do basic embroidery and needlepoint stitches and how patchwork, quilting and applique are made. Text and diagrams explain how to design for stitchery and work bargello and radial bargello patterns. A brief and informative history of each craft is given and photographs of historical and contemporary examples of embroidery provide a wealth of design inspiration. The materials and equipment suitable for the various forms of embroidery, crewelwork and needlepoint are fully dealt with, as are those for applique, reverse applique, patchwork and quilting.
Rok vydání: 1974
Cena: 95  Kč s DPH
Rok vydání:1974
Autor:MAREIN Shirley
Umístění:na prodejně



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