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Hold´em on the ComeSLOTBOOM R./ MASON D.

D&B Publishing, brož., pěkný stav

Every time you call when you should fold, you’re giving away money. Every time you fold when you should call, you’re giving away money. In this innovative book Rolf Slotboom and Dew Mason provide a comprehensive guide to playing drawing hands after the flop in hold’em. Their methodical approach to playing ‘on the come’ will provide you with a thorough grounding in post-flop play, enabling you to make the correct decisions in determining whether or not you should remain in the hand. Hold’em on the Come answers such key limit hold’em questions as: What should I do with a flush or straight draw? How should I play with unimproved overcards? How do I count outs, and what are the criteria for counting them as “full” outs? What is the impact of the size of the pot on your decision? All leading to this all-important question: Do I belong in the pot or not? The authors provide you with an in-depth analysis of drawing hands, leading to a simple but effective system that at all stages will help you “see where you’re at” – which in turn should help your overall results tremendously. • "Lots of players misplay their drawing hands, especially beginning players and those who have only learned poker by the seat of their pants. “Hold’em On The Come” is a great addition to the poker literature, especially so for these players. Rolf is known for giving accurate and easy-to-understand advice, and he does an excellent job in this book of presenting that advice such that any holdem player can become better at playing their draws." Greg Raymer, 2004 World Champion of Poker • "Rolf Slotboom is one of my favorite poker authors. His deep understanding of the game coupled with his clear concise presentation makes this book by Dew Mason and him a sure fire winner." By Barry Tanenbaum CardPlayer columnists, and a highly successful middle-limit hold'em player "This book is a must-read for all serious limit hold'em players. It provides the most comprehensive discussion to date on the play of drawing hands. The added comments by poker pro Rolf Slotboom make the book an invaluable addition to your poker library." Jim Brier, CardPlayer columnist and well-known poker author
Rok vydání: 2006
Cena: 70  Kč s DPH
Rok vydání:2006
Umístění:na prodejně



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